When We All Vote’s Response To Coronavirus

Keeping voters informed and volunteers involved in this critical and uncertain time

Editor’s note: We will update this page as we continue to monitor the situation and new information is available.

At this critical time for our country, When We All Vote is staying up to date on how coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting individuals and communities around the country. We are taking action to keep our volunteers, supporters, and every voter informed about how to stay safe, while also working to ensure everyone can continue to fully participate in our democracy. 

As you may have heard, we recently canceled our 2020 kick-off rally with Michelle Obama and continue to make adjustments to promote social distancing.

We are creating more opportunities to connect digitally, including giving volunteers new ways to participate in the important work we need to do to register, educate, and mobilize our communities around voting. We are also creating resources for upcoming elections to show the multiple ways people can register and vote. We will hold additional online volunteer trainings to keep everyone up to date on how best to organize, and get folks registered and ready to vote, including getting voters the information they need about voting by mail.

Bottom line: We will work to ensure that volunteers and voters have what they need to continue this important work during this uncertain time and critical election season.

Staying Informed

When We All Vote will continue to highlight the most up to date information on voter registration deadlines and election information. For states that have March 17th primaries — Florida, Ohio, Illinois, and Arizona — please make sure to check your Secretary of State’s website as information changes. With school and other building closures, it’s important to note that your polling location could change.

Several states with remaining primaries offer opportunities to request an absentee ballot and vote by mail. This allows voters to participate while avoiding crowded places and long polling lines. The deadlines for these requests depend on your state or county. Your state’s elections website, local and state governments may make adjustments to these deadlines based on any immediate changes in your community.

Staying Involved

We want to make sure our community of volunteers, partners and supporters can still participate in the important work we need to do to register, educate, and mobilize our communities around voting, while keeping ourselves and our communities safe. While we monitor the situation, we’re actively creating more opportunities for you to continue to make an impact from the comfort of your own home, including: 

  • Offering additional update calls and training webinars with When We All Vote staff and other volunteers in our community. 
  • Connecting with our volunteer community in real-time through our volunteer Facebook group as well as a Slack community. 
  • Texting opportunities and additional digital actions can be found through our relational organizing platform OutVote to help eligible voters get registered, educated, and out to vote. 

For our Squad Captains and volunteers participating in the March house parties, you can still host a virtual house party, where we encourage you to schedule a time that you and 3 friends will hop on a Facetime chat, Google Hangout, Skype video, or Zoom call and complete the friend mapping activity illustrated in the weall.vote/relationaltoolkit guide.

You can make sure you’re getting the most up to date information by joining our email list here and also joining our Facebook community to stay connected with other volunteers. 

So for this March, here’s a quick recap of how you can get involved:

Only have 5 minutes right now? 

  • Download OutVote and check out our starter guide to start reaching out to your contacts who may not be registered to vote. 
  • Then, share your story on the app. 

Have 15-20 minutes?

  • Try this “Friend Mapping” activity to think through people in your network you’ll reach out to and then do it by picking up the phone or using OutVote.

Have an hour or more? Do these two things:

For teachers, students, and school personnel: While school systems are beginning to set in place extended closures, there are still many ways you can stay engaged and continue to register and prepare your school community with the My School Votes program. Here are some tips to support you during this time:

  • Stay connected with the My School Votes team by signing up for updates.
  • Use the state-by-state guides on the My School Votes website to stay informed about your state’s upcoming elections and deadlines.
  • If you are participating in distance learning or virtual classrooms, you might consider using content from sources like Generation Citizen, Teaching Tolerance, and iCivics.
  • Share this easy link with students, parents, and others in your schools community to be sure they are registered! 
  • Share your work and stories. If you have been doing great voter registration work, take this down time to tell us about it!
  • This period of time away from the classroom might give you the opportunity to plan some really great voter registration opportunities for when you return. You can take a look at our Action Plans to support high school or elementary school registration.
  • Also, teachers and parents can download OutVote and check out our starter guide to start reaching out to your contacts who may not be registered to vote.

Staying Healthy

A few quick tips: Wash your hands frequently, cover your cough or sneeze, and maintain social distancing. For more information on the coronavirus, visit the CDC or World Health Organization websites for safety guidance.

Together, we can keep our communities safe. Thanks for doing your part.

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