It’s time to help us get out the vote and ensure that our friends, family, and community are ready to vote. Here’s how you can do your part in the final stretch leading up to Election Day:

Create your #VotingSquad — Everything is always more fun with friends. Create your very own “Voting Squad” by helping 5 friends get ready to vote before Election Day. Get started!

Join our Texting Team — Start having conversations with eligible voters to help them get ready to vote. You can make a difference from virtually anywhere! Join the team and we’ll help you get trained and make sure you have everything you need to start.

Host a party at the polls — We’re teaming up with #VoteTogether to create a new culture around voting rooted in fun and community.  From backyard BBQs and block parties to picnics and parades, you can join us by inviting your friends and neighbors to make voting a time of celebration! Sign up to host.

Find a candidate, ballot measure or party that you’re passionate about and get to work in your community. Find out who and what’s on your ballot first.